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Saturday, June 15, 2013

An Apology and a Special Message About My Work!

Hello everyone!
I know it has been awhile since I have sent you a letter.  I have to admit that when someone got a hold of my contacts I was a bit set back!  I did my best to make sure there was no virus on my computer before I would even think of reaching out to you.  I will apologize but yet I don’t feel a strong sense of responsibility for it because I didn’t have it on my list of things to manifest ;)  One thing I WILL tell each of you.  I have never sent just a link out in a mass mailing and even though I study many things I would not push a product like that! I may make suggestions to view things I have available but I rarely push.  So in the future please know that if you see an email like that it will not be from me.  I did decide to change the address that my letter comes from.  I do want to share the miracle in all of this.  So, if you were interested in the Raspberry drops one of my clients wrote a suggestion to me and I will include it here.
About Raspberry Ultra Drops

“So...about the Raspberry Ultra Drops...while there is evidence that Raspberry Ketones help to burn fat the actual Raspberry Ultra Drops in the link you sent me is a scam; so don't order from there.

If you want to try Raspberry Ketones I would suggest go to a reputable health food store like a local 'Goodness Me' where you can talk to an actual person and get questions answered.  If you like using supplements and are going to try Raspberry Ketones try partnering it with another supplement called Green Coffee Bean extract.  Green Coffee Bean helps the body prevent absorbing fat, while Raspberry Ketones help burn fat that does get absorbed, so they partner well together.  However, remember these are 'supplements', and only really work if used with a healthy weight reducing diet.  Also, they may not be all that cheap.”

Hope that helps!

“Mike T”

Thanks again for understanding,

NOW!!! Let’s get on to the fun and important stuff!!!
I have been guided to have a “Summer Solstice Group Meditation” on June 20th, 2013.  It will be available for those in person or at a distance.  I recently have found a way to perform this through video so we may even try it that night as well!  I have also placed an interactive calendar on my events page to let you know the dates of some upcoming classes and ideas of what I will be teaching.  This way if I don’t have time to do the work on all of my pages you can still see ahead of time the classes I am intending to hold.  Please check the events page from time to time because if a class is not a “GO” I may be changing it there first!
I also will be performing a “Past Life This Life Regression Class” near the full moon on Saturday of June 22nd, 2013; this will be an evening class by request of one of my students.  This full moon is meant to be a pretty powerful one so it would be a great idea to use it to our advantage!
Lots of Love

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