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Thursday, November 20, 2014

Psychic Reading Miracle Showing Angels Protecting A Home

Psychic Reading Miracle Showing an Angel Protecting a Home

Recently I was sent a client that had asked for me to serve her by performing one of my Psychic / Medium Readings.  When I tuned into the women I was given clear guidance about the necessary things I was to do with her, the healing work that was required and a VERY CLEAR MESSAGE THAT SHE WOULD NOT LOSE HER HOME AND THAT A MIRACLE WAS GOING TO HAPPEN!!!!  I was also told that she must be careful because if she placed too much worry around the situation and did NOT LET IT GO (offering the issue like an envelope to them and letting it go) she would not LET THE MIRACLE HAPPEN!

When I was doing the reading for her I used the Archangel Michael cards and it confirmed that she was going to be taken care of from the cards that presented.  I prayed during the session and had the angels working with her over a period of time and they gave her this amazing sign that weekend!  She called me the day it happened and asked me what I think it meant.  She said that her husband had changed the light bulb on their home over the garage door and when her son had gone to the store that evening and upon his return home the image above is what he saw on the garage door of their family home.  The son took a picture and brought it in to show his mother he even brought her outside to see it but she COULDN’T see it at first.  I said, “Listen Dear (we are not going to use names here) the angels are telling you that they are working day and night to protect your home!!!  This is a clear sign that the angels are working to assist you in keeping your home!!! Can’t you see it?  After a short conversation and some encouragement on my part and from the angels, she finally accepted the SIGN and worked on releasing more fear and letting it go.  Needless to say she DID RECEIVE HER MIRACLE AND WAS ABLE TO KEEP HER HOME!

I am asking you this question now.  Do YOU see the angel figure on the door?!  I am asking for those of you who DO see the angel on the door I am sending you extra angels to assist you in moving through that one important part of your life that isn’t working and asking for them to assist YOU and having your OWN MIRACLE with a VERY CLEAR SIGN!  

 NOW, for those of you who DON'T YET SEE the ANGEL ON THE DOOR I am asking for the same thing for you but first YOU MUST BE WILLING TO WORK WITH THEM AND BREATHE OUT NOW ANY FEARS AND DOUBTS THAT ARE PREVENTING YOU FROM SEEING THE ANGEL ON THE DOOR!  We are asking that only love and light be put in the place of anything you let go of and that this be for your highest good! I am also asking that the angels work with you in the next 2 weeks to chip away at these fears and assist you in experiencing the really cool miracle offered as well!!!

Please feel free to me email me and let me know about your miracle.  I would love to share it with others and I promise I will not use your name if you don’t want me too!  Miracles DO happen and the more we share them the MORE THEY HAPPEN FOR OURSELVES, OTHERS AND THE WORLD!  


Sending YOU Lots of LOVE and Angel Blessings NOW!!!!

P.S. The Personal Power Through Awareness Class has been a SUCCESS and we are SPEAKING MIRACLES INTO FORM!!!  I'D LOVE FOR YOU TO CONSIDER ATTENDING :)

 It is truly a fun and affordable way to create SOME AMAZING THINGS IN YOUR LIFE!!! So far it feels like you can jump in anytime you'd like or try just one class and see how it feels.  I'd LOVE to see or hear you there, think about it.

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