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Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Your Life Purpose and Life Review Story to Motivate Animal Rescue

This is a brief video about how to recognize your life purpose or a portion of it and about how animals respond to our acts of kindness.

There are two different sites to make it possible to donate in different ways they are at the bottom of this post :)

I had a full time job in Niagara Falls for 12 years. Many things happened in my life and eventually, by choice, I left my job, and started to work toward my “Mission”.  When I say my “Mission”, I mean my real, main life purpose.  This entails teaching and educating people about the esoteric realm, angels, energy and topics of this nature.  While I have been working on my business, I spend lots of time in my home.  When you are working out of the home, you notice things that you wouldn’t have noticed as much when you are travelling to a job.  I have noticed, especially in the winter, that there are lots of stray animals, especially cats that roam and have minimal amounts of food.  I live in the north end of Hamilton, Ontario with lots of land nearby.  I recently talked to a neighbor who found a live kitten in a garbage bag flung over a fence near the tracks! They rescued it. Animals left to their own devices is evident and unfortunate to see their helplessness, fear, and suffering. Seeing animals like this makes me wonder why they don’t realize they just shift the burden to others who cannot idly sit by seeing neglect and suffering. Others do care. I care.

Since 2008, I started feeding a few animals at the back of my house.  It was just a cat or two at first. Over time, my neighbor next door started feeding them, too. For a few years, we had a few regular cats that we were responsible for. We had our own indoor/outdoor cats as well as the strays. My neighbor moved in May of 2015.  By them leaving, it disrupted what we were doing and our “joint” strays felt uprooted.  The people that bought the townhouse next door were doing repairs and the cats didn’t feel safe to be at the back of the house anymore.  I needed to let them know that I still loved them and wanted to continue to feed them so I put the food at the front of the house.  By moving to the front, I couldn’t do this kind act discreetly anymore.  Now ALL of my neighbors and clients started to see small shelters and food at the front of the house.  I have to admit it has been a real journey for me. In this past year (especially this winter), I went from assisting 3- 5 cats that I was occasionally feeding to 12 – 14 cats (in truth maybe even more)!  And in just a short time...OMGosh!!!!  Not JUST feeding them but spaying them, de-fleaing them and trying to get them healthy.  Until just recently I have been tending to this pretty much on my own with a few food donations from a couple of clients. I have met a few members that are a part of organizations, but on some level, they can only assist me so much.  I really want to tend to some of the things when I want to and feel I have enough financial backing to do so.  I am self-employed, and, if anyone has been self-employed, you know that there are no guarantees about how much you are going to make from day to day. It is spring now and all of these animals live outdoors or go outdoors partially.  This means flea and worm prevention, yearly shots and spaying and neutering approximately 7 of them still to be done.  And this is not to mention food and unexpected vet bills.  Anyone that has an animal knows how expensive that this can be just for 1 or 2 animals, but now I have seemed to of inherited a colony!

The truth is I had been praying for years to find a way to raise money to get these animals cared for.  I didn’t even know that online financial assistance with a specific goal in mind was an option until recently.  I am originally from Windsor, Ontario. A good friend of mine from there sent a calendar that was made with a goal to raise money for a group called “Earn Your Wings”. TNR services (Trap, Neuter, and Release) are provided throughout the city and surrounding areas through finances provided from the sales. I hadn’t opened the calendar until the other day, and of all things the April section had a profound share that made me weep because I feel that this is what I am being called to do.  In the share, it suggested that if you see a stray animal that there is the potential that there are bound to be others in the area.  One of the best solutions to stop the populations from growing is to do TNR.  It was said that if we get “rid” of the animals by euthanizing them or moving them away, others will just come in their place anyhow!  It was suggested to enlist the assistance of those in the neighborhood and educate them about this.  Perhaps, even fund raise to make it possible to ease up on the expense of it all.  So this is why I am reaching out to you! My goal is to get these animals healthy, vaccinated, and free of fleas. I also hope to get the remainder of them spayed and neutered so that they will get into less fights, stop reproducing and perhaps even soften and be adoptable by getting consistent loving care from me and perhaps others in the area…maybe even YOU. To make it even clearer to me that the assistance, I am hoping to get is needed NOW and not be put off any longer! One of the strays I feed arrived at my door this morning crying and having respiratory issues making it very clear to me that this request is sincere and timely!  I want to thank you all ahead of time for your support and help, and I am sure these animals will be thanking YOU too!  

1    1)   Is Tiger, he was my first stray that came to my door.  (passed last year)

2     2)  Is Simba, he and I were very close and when Simba was diagnosed with diabetes we were so close that he would pee in a cup for me so I could text his sugar levels. (passed 8 years ago)

       3) Is TJ, he was my next stray.  I started to feed him outside for about a year and then one day he finally let me pet him and the rest was history.  He showed up sick, laid in my hands and I nursed him to health and fixed him and I had him until last year! He died suddenly of a blood clot.

4    4) Is Buster, he was an outdoor stray that my neighbor and I fed for approximately 3 years outside.  He had a wounded leg for about 6 – 8 months that didn’t heal and I promised myself and God that if I had extra money I would help Buster and I DID!!!  $1000.00 (thank goodness because I was really afraid it was a break and that could have cost a fortune) later and now Buster is alive and healthy!

5     5) Is Mask…I have been feeding him outside for 5 years he was a bit more friendly feral and seemed to like outside more than inside but at the same time as I was tending to Buster, Mask almost died.  So of course I tended to him and nursed him to health and found out that he has FID “Feline Immune Deficiency”.  I keep an eye on him now and got him fixed this winter so that he doesn’t make more babies and I can bring him in sometimes (most of the time).  He LOVES it now!!!!

      6) Is Mamma (I am questioning if my neighbor and I gave her the right name the poor thing).  She is a feral I have been feeding outside for 5 years and she is finally letting me pet her.  She is pictured with her “last litter” the two cute kittens that were born on April 1, 2016.  One is male and the other is a female that looks JUST LIKE MAMMA!!!  They are running around now and I will share a video or pictures of them for sure

7)  Charlotte (Named by another neighbor) she is one that may be able to be adopted out.  She has been around for about a year.  I tried to get her fixed but I didn’t find her on the day of the appointment!  Crazy!!!
8)     8)  Is Little One, she is a really lovely indoor/outdoor cat. I got her fixed this winter and she is the one who keeps these animals together.  She is sweet agile and I just love this girl!

9)      Is Lover Boy (I call him that because of how he got into my heart and home and also because he is a BIG FLIRT) He is neutered but is friendly and likes to knock on the door of my neighbors and they love him for that!!!  Typical male I say!!!

10)   Is Thumper, my neighbor took Thumper; he was from one of Mamma's litters.

11)   Is Bandit, he is the one who has the upper respiratory issues.  I just love this guy but I haven’t been able to pet him yet and he seems just tired and getting up there in age.

12)   Is Tom he has a twin brother number 14 named Jerry and I didn’t realize it until they both showed up.  I think these guys may be able to be housed soon when they are neutered

13)   Is Cali she is pretty feral, she has been out here for at least 5 years.  I know she is spayed because I have never seen signs of kittens.

14)   Is Jerry the twin of Tom

15)   Is Smokey he has been around on and off for about 4 years.  He has had numerous injuries and has a welt on his head as I write this. I feel if he is neutered he will have a better chance of getting into less fights. 

16)   There is one more guy but I didn’t get his picture yet in the collage…I haven’t named him yet! 

Thanking you in advance
Rose and Friends

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