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Sunday, August 29, 2010


Hello Everyone,

I've decided to share my experiences with numbers and angels to let you know how they can make an impact on your life!

I have been working with the angelic realm for years and have found one of the easiest ways to develop a relationship with them is to give them permission to assist you in all areas of your life (the angels) and let them speak to you through numbers! This can occur in amazing ways like on clocks, license plates and even receipts for things you have purchased.

I have found that at first they seem to always get your attention with the 444 which means; "the angels are surrounding you now and are here to assist you in all ways!" You would be surprised about how many people I know that have told me that they were either pulled to the clock through the day at 444 or even awoken in the middle of the night at this time.

I would encourage you to purchase a book by a wonderful author and one of my teachers; for you to really have fun with this. It is called "Healing With The Angels" by Doreen Virtue. This will give you a little bit of background information to assist you in opening your mind to their assistance and also at the back of the book there are a combination of number sequences available to assist you in having a place to start your adventure!

I look forward to hear about your experiences and to see what your angels have in store for you on your exciting journey through life!

All My Love


1 comment:

  1. Rose,

    This post is very helpful. I have been seeing mostly the clock reading 2:22, 11:22, that sort of thing. I was telling myself it was an angel. This is the first time I have read anything about it so I was amazed to find it here.

    All of your posts have been helpful. Thanks Rose.