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Monday, November 7, 2011

11 / 11 / 11 Meditation Moving Through the Portal to 2012

Star gate activation to align our bodies with the crystalline grids in preparation for the 2012 energies.

I am sure many of you have read the bible and in various religions it has been said that 144,000 will be moving to the NEW EARTH, many assumed it was people but in truth what the 144,000 really represented are the crystalline grids that are in and around the planet! These are the things that will be awakening and bringing in the energy to assist in the transformation of this planet into a more peace filled environment. Many of us are not aware but we have a crystalline energy field around our bodies (in our energy field) and these are the things are being upgraded.

If any of you have noticed many of our bodies and lives are going through big changes. Some people are becoming allergic to things that they may never have been before and others are having anger coming up that they don’t even feel justified in having; some are going through huge emotional changes, happy one minute and depressed beyond measure the next. Others of us are going through periods where we require more sleep than usual or our bodies don’t feel as energetic as they felt even 6 months ago (or if they do it is not consistent). Some of you may be having chest issues (colds and such), heart palpitations that may make you feel like you are very anxious and you don’t even know why. You may even go to the doctor and find out nothing is wrong with you. The reason behind this is that there is nothing WRONG with you. We as a group on the earth are going through a huge energetic shift some of our past life issues are coming up to the surface and this is a way that the body can heal and transform these energies and assist s in living in this lifetime NOW. The earth is going through her own changes, the weather is different than it has been in other years, the conditions and climates on some level are changing in many areas. There are different storms and disruptive activities that are happening everywhere around the world. The reason for this is that we are making a huge energetic shift, the crystalline energies that are in and around the planet are moving to higher frequencies and for our bodies to move with it we must align to these new frequencies to make the transition in a much more graceful manner. I have been instructed to form a mediation on 11/11/11 a day which is a portal to assist ALL in all areas in connecting more deeply to these energies and prepare the body for the shift and changes that will be coming as we move into 2012. This date is a special date and in many ways a portal in which the crystalline grids will be waking up to bring in some even higher energies to the earth. Seeing as we live on this earth wouldn’t it be beneficial to have our bodies align to the crystalline frequencies so we can be working WITH the energy instead of AGAINST it on some level?

I have been guided to start the night of working with clearing or energies of any karmic debris ( a forgiveness process) that may be holding us back and then after this have us connect as a group WITH and TO the crystalline formations around the planet as they are moving to a higher frequency. It will be a pretty POWERFUL session and my intention is to make this available for people to be in person with me or at a distance through a phone conference line. I look forward to seeing or hearing you on this day and welcoming in the energies to assist in making this transformational shift into the new earth energies in 2012 a pleasant one.

All my LOVE,

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